Airsoft Auckland

Members games

We have fields all over the Auckland area. Please consult the appropriate game thread for information on what field the game is being run. Members only games are intended to limit attendance to those known to the club and to promote a higher standard of play to an induction game as well as provide a more immersive gaming style.

Team formation
Although teams are encouraged to work towards becoming an affiliated team in NOMAD, it is not required. ASA welcomes more casual players to form teams and play as a unit at members games.

Guest teams / clubs
ASA welcomes teams outside Auckland to play at our members games. Please contact the ASA committee or the event organiser to register your desire to attend and we will work to providing a place for you at our games.

Non paid ASA members
From time to time a game organiser may wish to invite non ASA members to a members only game. It is essential that all non members get permission to attend or they will risk being turned away. To become a member and be permitted to attend all members games please see our page on joining the club.