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Contact methods and initial procedure for your first game.

Contact a Representitive of the Club by sending a message through our Facebook page or by Posting in the General Section of the Fourms.
Or show up to one of our Open Games and talk to some of our Senior Members and / or Committie.


The ASA Committee


Club President Jimmy (st jimmy) Contact: Facebook (Prefered) / Fourm Profile
Secretary Simon.W (Saeklas) Contact: Facebook (Prefered) / Forum Profile
Treasurer Cam Smith (Smidthy) Contact: Facebook (Prefered) / Fourm Profile
Committee Kham (Mr_westie) Contact: Facebook (Prefered) / Forum Profile
Committee Daniel. H (hendrix) Contact: Fourm Profile
Committee Nathan .T (sidewinder) Contact: Fourm Profile
Committee Jeremy Logie (sidewinder) Contact: Fourm Profile

Other NZ Clubs can be found over at the Airsoft Sports NZ Site


Other Positions

Armourer - Cam Smith (Smidthy) Facebook (Prefered) / Fourm Profile


If you want to attend one of our games

1) Check the Location / Venue / Date of the game check our Open Games for more info. 
2) Ensure safety precautions and acceptable behavior is understood which is covered here
3) Ensure you have access to the required gear, either already owned or loaned/rented from the club (goggles, gun)
4) Your first game with us will involve a initiation course for about an hour covering basic rules and safety precautions
5) You may just watch a game free of charge as a spectator and will not have to attend the inititation
6) Join the the club or just continue to attend games casually.

Click here if you want to join the club.