Airsoft Auckland

Induction Information

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Here is a checklist you should read and organize before you arrive at any event.

  • Contact the event organizer advising your attendance or reply to the game thread on the forum
  • Please arrive 30 minutes prior to game start. Arriving late will hold up the games for the other players
  • Bring appropriate eye protection. Minimum standard is ASNZS1337. If not then masks are available for free if reserved
  • Try to bring a whistle
  • It is suggested that you bring water and food sufficient for a full day of exercise.
  • Bring field fee [CASH ONLY]
  • Bring sun screen lotion
  • Wear loose fitting camouflage or dark clothing (jeans are OK). Try not to wear bright colors such as white, red, yellow, etc.
  • Reserve any guns you need to rent no later than the Tuesday before the event [Post requirements on relevant forum thread]
  • Bring airsoft BB ammunition. Ammunition can be purchased from ASA for $20 a carton but MUST be reserved in advance
  • If you can, bring your own equipment (gun, webbing, radio, charged batteries)
  • If you have bought your own guns, they may be checked for compliance. See the ASA rules on FPS limits.
  • Check the day's schedule and any last minute changes on the forum and website in case of cancellations due to weather etc.


The field is almost always H2 for induction days but check the game information or website front page for an alert if it is at a different field

Fee:$20 for non ASA members, $10 for full ASA members (females play for free)
Address: The paddock at the end of Tuparekura Road, Kaipara Peninsula
Facilities: Long drop (bring your own consumables)
Otherinfo: GPS Co-Ordinates 36 35' 44.0" South/174 20' 28.6" East,

Head towards Helensville on SH16 out of Auckland, come to the roundabout just outside Helensville and turn LEFT towards Kaipara springs.
You will go past a 4-square on the left and the Kaipara hot springs on the right.
This is South Head Road.
Keep driving for about 10 mins.
You are looking for Tuparakura road on the right, it leads into a new sub-division called Tupare estate (or something like that).
It has a nice stone wall with gold letterings (something that looks more like it belongs in howick or dannemora).
There are not yet any houses there but the road is very nice. drive all the way to the end of the road, and take the long paved driveway at the end of the turnaround area at the end. It is marked with a sign saying Private Road. As this is shared with neighbours, please keep your speed low (under 20kph) and be respectful.
The field is just beyond the gate.
So search for Tuparekura Road on wises and you'll be right.

Google Maps position of final destination.

Once there do not park along the grass verges between the small stone pillars and the gate to the field 350m beyond them. Either park on the asphalt road (ending in the circular area) or actually inside the field playing area on the grass field.
Just pass the gate. Nice orderly fashion please
If you park on the grass verge we will make you move so please save us the time and effort and avoid this area. If you are unsure then ask someone when you arrive.