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Rules and Laws of ASA

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Rules and Laws of ASA
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Rules and Laws of ASA

1.0 Safety Guidelines
1.1 Participants
By New Zealand Law individuals under the age of 18 who do not hold a firearms license are not permitted to transport, own, import or purchase airsoft weapons. Any participants to ASA events under the age of 18 must hold firearms licenses.

ASA holds four types of games. Induction Games and Open Games are open everyone. Members games are limited to ASA members and invited guests, and NOMAD Games are limited to NOMAD members.
1.2 Eye Protection
Safety goggles/glasses with a ballistic rating NZS 1337.1 or greater, or mesh, must be worn at all times on the field.
1.3 Lower Face Protection
Lower face protection is recommended but not required. Players expose their face at their own risk.
1.3 The Eyes call
In the event of a medical emergency or a individual inside the game zone without eye protection  "EYES!” must be yelled out and a DS notified.
When you hear "EYES!" you must repeat the call, cease firing, remove the mag from your weapon, place your weapon on the ground and do not move from your position until the DS has investigated the issue and restarted the game by calling game on on Channel 18 by calling Game On over Channel 18.
1.4 Real weapons
Real weapons are strictly prohibited! At no time will a real working firearm or knife be allowed on the field, this includes all combat knives, machetes and martial arts weapons. This will be taken very seriously and you will be asked to leave the field. The only exception is pocket knives which are to be used as tools only.
1.5 Incendiary devices
Incendiary devices are prohibited at events unless express permission is given by the DS and the land/facility owner.
1.6 Safe zones
Weapons must not be fired inside the car parks, including dry firing. Two flags designate the weapon testing area, testing of weapons must only occur within these flags firing away from the car park.
At the DS’s discretion a safety zone can be imposed, such as during lunch at an induction game. During which all players must remove mags from and clear their weapons.
1.7 Energy (FPS)  limits
Airsoft weapons will be checked before the game to ensure they meet the Energy (FPS) limits for that particular gun class. These limits shall not be exceeded. Weapons will be chrono’d using a known weight bb, or in the weight BB intended for use, with the energy (measured in joules)  calculated from there.
1.7.1 Gun class restrictions
  - Pistols can fire up to a maximum of 1.13 Joules (350 FPS on a 0.2gm BB)
  - AEGs, GBB rifles, HPA rifles and shotguns can fire up to a maximum of 1.64 Joules (420 FPS on a 0.2gm BB).
  - Single action rifles can fire up to a maximum of 3.35 Joules (600 FPS on a 0.2gm BB).
  - No weapon may fire over 3.35 Joules.
1.7.2 Minimum Engagement Distances (M.E.Ds)
  - A weapon firing 1.13 Joules (350 FPS) or under has a 0m M.E.D and is deemed a CQB rated weapon
  - A weapon firing from 1.13 Joules (350 FPS) up to 1.64 Joules (420 FPS) has a 10m M.E.D
  - A weapon firing from 1.64 Joules (420 FPS) up to 3.35 Joules (600 FPS) has a 20m M.E.D
1.7.3 Sniper Class
  - A sniper rifle must be a single action rifle and can fire up to a maximum of 3.35 Joules (600 FPS).
  - A functioning CQB rated secondary must be carried and used within M.E.D (20m)
  - Players must not Bang kill with a sniper class weapon, they must perform bang kills with their secondary. (See 2.2)
  - Use of these will cause the authorized user to be under constant scrutiny. Use remains at the committee/DS discretion.
  - The committee reserves the right to retroactively disallow any weapon.
1.7.4 Class Limiting Games
A Game Organizer may choose to limit a game to exclude the sniper or assault class, due to game type or field conditions. This must be noted on the event post when posting the game.
1.8 HPA
HPA systems may have a tournament lock to prohibit the adjustment of FPS while in use.
1.9 Radio Channels
Radio channels in use must not conflict with any commercial frequencies, ie police, coast guard etc.
The safety/ DS radio channel is 18.
1.10 Fully Automatic Use
The use of fully automatic fire is limited to mid cap magazines with a capacity of 130 rounds or less, and is limited to burst of two seconds or less.
Full auto may not be used with High cap magazines
Support weapons are exempt from this restriction.
2.0 Rules of engagement
  2.1 Hit calling
When hit by a BB on any part of their kit including their weapon and anything they are carrying, players must call out in a clear loud voice ‘HIT’ then physically identify they are hit by displaying a hit marker (Bright orange or yellow piece of cloth etc). The player should hold their weapon in a non-aggressive manner so as to not get shot again.
Players must not talk when dead, aside from saying ‘medic’ or the eyes call.
2.1.1 Honesty rule
If you feel, hear or see, a BB pellet hit your person,  gear or weapon you must call the hit. Remember, its all about fun, so be honest. Failure to call your hits will upset your fellow players and can ruin a days gaming.
The DS may also call a player hit if the player failed to call it. Repeated failure to call your hits can result in you being removed for the days play.
2.2 Bang Kills
Players may choose to show mercy if they have a guaranteed kill at close range by invoking the bang rule.
A Bang Kill should also be used when you are inside the M.E.D (See 1.8 ) for your current weapon.
2.2.1 Bang kill rules
  - Must be within 10 meters
  - You must have a functioning and loaded weapon, and would be able to take the shot if required.
  - You must have the advantage of them, and a stable firing platform. You must not be running.
  - Bang kills must not be performed by a sniper class weapon (See 1.71) those armed with such must perform bang kills with their pistol.
  - Bang kills must be accepted. If you have an issue as to its legitimacy, bring it up with a DS later.
2.2.2 Bang Kill Exemptions
The Bang Rule does not apply in any game that requires all players to carry a CQB rated secondary weapon with a 0m MED.
In order to perform a bang kill you must aim your weapon at your target. You must call out: “Bang!” and an identifying feature, be it their name/handle, or an item of clothing/equipment. For Example: Bang Frank! Bang Green Hoodie Guy!
2.3 Fake knife kills/ Physical contact
A "stealth kill" or "knife kill" is considered a silent kill and follows the hit rules without yelling "HIT". To perform a knife kill you must tap the opponent on the shoulder/ arm/leg.  (avoiding the throat) The contact must be made under control.
All knife kills must be conducted with a suitable safe imitation weapon made of a flexible material like rubber. If you do not own a rubber knife then you must make close kills using the "bang rule" above.
At no time will you will you attempt to engage in Hand to Hand combat with another player.
3.0 Conduct and sportsmanship
3.1 Directing Staff (DS)
It is the DSs role to manage game days. Players are required to follow the DSs instructions at all times.
DSs have the right to stand down players from an event if they deem that player to be violating the club rules or conducting themselves in a way that violates the club principles and/or damages the reputation and integrity of the club.
3.2 Sportsmanship
ASA values sportsmanship and players playing in a professional manner. Such as players:
  - Calling their hits if in doubt
  - Not talking while dead
  - Not abusing fellow players
  - Calmly resolving disputes
3.3 Misconduct, the four levels
A. Gross Misconduct
  - Physical violence against another player
  - Taking, or under the influence of, alcohol or drugs
  - In possession of a real firearm at a game
B. Serious Misconduct
  - Threats of violence. racial abuse
C. Misconduct
  - Threatening, abusive posts or PM on the forums
  - Verbal abuse on the field
  - Consistently cheating
D. Minor infraction
  - Not calling hits
3.4 Misconduct procedures
  - On receipt of any written allegations of misconduct by any member(s) of a severity covered by level B, C &D the Committee shall elect a council to adjudicate consisting of two club officers and one club member who is not a club officer and shall have the power to inflict discipline as set out in the Disciplinary Procedures.
  - On receipt of any written allegations of misconduct by any member(s) of a severity covered by level A a council of a committee quorum and a club member who is not a club officer shall adjudicate.
  - The four levels of offenses are meant as a guide as not all offenses can be predicted or noted. Details of an individual case such as the member(s) being considered recidivist may call for it to be considered as a lesser or greater misconduct.
  - Member(s) found guilty of a level B, C and D offense will be issued a warning letter by the disciplinary council that will go on record. Offense taking place on a field of play may require that the offender(s) be reprimand and required to redo induction or be banned from a certain number of games. Those offending on the forums may potentially have their forum access restricted / banned for a set period of time to be determined. Category A offenders will in likely be expelled from ASA. ASNZ will also be informed of any banned or removed players.
  - Disciplinary Procedures shall be produced in writing and authorized by vote of the membership present at a General Meeting.
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